My New Best Friend :)

Thursday he was only know as a number sleeping on a concrete floor...
After an 1800 mile journey, he now has a name and a beautiful life!!

Donations for his essentials are on my Wishlist...any small item helps...there was so much more to this than I realized!!

Join Me For Thanksgiving Dinner?

I have Thanksgiving open & would love to host company for dinner!

Dietary restrictions? I'm really good at catering to those!

Consideration: $1000 - This will be an all inclusive 4hr date, just bring your sexy self ;) Our date will entail...

-Appetizers and wine


I'm Home!!!

Finally home Worcester!!! The past 3 weeks have surpassed my expectations...but sleeping in my own bed felt awesome :) The amount of messages are overwhelming and I'm so sorry, but I won't be able to go through them all :( I did revamp my messaging systems finally!! If we have met before, shoot m...

Removal of Phone Number

You may have noticed that I removed my phone number from the site and most ads recently...if that is how we communicate, no worries, I do still use that number! I have limited any new inquiries to email only in order to streamline my communications more efficiently.

With an overflow of ra...

My Apologies :(

To all my super awesome're owed an communication skills have been lacking beyond belief as I've been inundated with a few things the past few months...

I've been taking some time off to organize myself, my home, and my life, lol...but I'll be back sho...

Out of Office for a few :)

Safely arrived in the Carolinas!!! :)

To all my friends back home...

So I hit the road a little early last minute...I'll be off on a journey for a little learn yoga, meditation, and tantric practices...and see a few sites along the way I'll be back before you know it th...

Spiritual Retreat!! :)

Balancing the Mind:

-Undoubtedly a key requirement for a successful companion!

I'm so freakin excited to say I booked my first Spiritual Retreat!!! I hit the road Nov. 1st to the mountains of the Carolinas where I'll start to learn Yoga and Meditation along with mapping out plans ...

I'm destined to always learn the hard way, lol...

PSA: Rub some numbing cream on at least 20 minutes before your 1st laser hair removal session of the vajayjay...

I wish someone had told me 

In the meantime, while healing, lol...I'll be offering a lower consideration for sessions :)

This weeks availability :)

Monday and Friday are my only days now available for this week! (9/30)

If we already friends, please shoot me a message!

If we have yet to meet, just fill out the screening form! :)


If you're interested in the eclectic and weird things my mind thinks about throughout the day, check out my new blog on Switter...#simplynataliesdiary :)

We interrupt this program for an IMPORTANT SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!

<cue annoying, loud, repetitive bleeping noise>

I do so owe an apology to my friends who have messaged over the past week...I unfortunately have been out of touch tending to family since 9/18!
I'm trying to go through my messages, lol, but it does get kind of...

This Weeks Availability :)

I'll be home in Worcester and have few sessions available Wed - Sat this week...or maybe you'd like me to grab a room out in Boston while I wait for you to get out of work...I have a phenomenonal method of relieving the tension and stress that the workday forces upon us :)